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Coral Gables Wedding Venues

Coral Gables Wedding Venues and and Coconut Grove event venues include some of the most beautiful buildings churches and parks in the city. There are multiple indoor and landscaped outdoor spaces nestled within geographic area. These venues provide breathtaking backdrops to the historically designated structures amongst exotic tropical plants and wildlife. Coral Gables and Coconut Grove provide some of Miami’s most iconic and beautiful natural settings for catering weddings and events. Within these venues you can find Fairchild Tropical Botanical Gardens, one of the largest botanical gardens in the United States and features an extensive collection of rare plants, flowers, and birds. From lush tropical gardens, to stunning coral rock grottos, to sparkling lakes and waterfalls. With the perfect blend of classic beauty and historic charm these Coral Gables Wedding Venue provide a backdrop that is steeped in native architecture & vegetation, an oasis of beautiful, lush landscaping. Your guests will admire the beautiful and unique grounds that make it a wonderful wedding venue experience.

Coral Gables Wedding Venues and Coconut Grove venues represent the early history of Miami as many of them have been renovated with new flooring, draperies and windows while grand chandeliers illuminate the event halls. These venues are the ideal choice to host amazing weddings and corporate events. Coral Gables and Coconut Grove's rich history with is on display in its venues with photographs and unique architecture from its founder's original vision to today’s thriving urban environment.

Coral Gables and Coconut Grove contain sophisticated venues for corporate events, openings, or weddings. Features a beautiful gardens, the churches, event halls, catering kitchens and and event spaces. Wedding venues offer great looking indoor and outdoor event space in an intimate setting for your catered special event. Coral Gables Wedding Venues and Coconut Grove Venues are unique event space that are perfect for using as a wedding venue, for birthday and anniversary parties, celebrations, and even corporate events.

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