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Olympia Theater Miami

174 E Flagler St, Miami, FL 33131

Located in Downtown Miami, the Olympia Theater offers a lot of historical charm and plenty of event space. It’s the perfect mixture of urban culture and the type of private party or event that you will be planning. Your guests will love the location, as well as the historical aspects found in the Olympia Theater.

The Olympia Theater event space consists of two options. The Olympia Theater was built in 1926, and still stands today, with some renovated charm and historical features that are crowd-pleasing. The Olympia Theater event space offers a cocktail reception option that can accommodate 500 people, and there is the theater seating option that seats almost 1,600 people. The Olympia Theater event space is ideal for community events, private parties, and corporate events.

Having a reception style party or corporate events at the Olympia Theater provides you with numerous options, depending on the time of day you will be having your event. Some of the catering options to consider include:

  • Breakfast or brunch. If your Olympia Theater event space will be used for a morning reception, corporate events, or community event, you may want to consider having a buffet of breakfast or brunch options. Some of the popular choices we can provide include banana rum raisin French toast, shrimp and grits, prosciutto-wrapped asparagus, watermelon and feta salad, and mimosas. We can also offer scrambled eggs, fresh fruit, and a coffee station.

  • High end hors d’ oeuvres. Perfect for a cocktail reception, we can offer a wide range of fabulous finger foods to please a crowd. These options include cultural specialties, such as Cuban, Mexican, and Italian, as well as fan favorites like gator bites, conch fritters, mini fish tacos, and mini crab cakes.

  • Customized menus. Catering Olympia Theater, we have a popular menu that you can choose dishes from, or you can let us know your special requests. We are happy to work with you to create an array of food options that you want to serve.

Catering Olympia Theater, no private party, corporate events, or community events are too small or too big for us to handle. In addition, we are able to help with last-minute requests, help you find a menu to fit your budget, and always provide reliable and professional service. We have earned a 5-star reputation for serving up some of the best catering in Miami.

Our professional chefs here at Miami Grill Catering know exactly how to make any type of party or event great. We know that food brings people together and can make or break an event. Our chefs would love to put their advanced culinary skills to use to create an amazing meal for you. Let them start with the freshest ingredients, and then slice, dice, sauté, sear, grill, and sizzle their way to creating a feast for your Olympia Theater private party, corporate events, and community events that your guests will love!

Olympia Theater

Olympia Theater
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