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War Memorial Auditorium

800 NE 8th St, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304

The War Memorial Auditorium easily rates as one of the largest of all possible Fort Lauderdale wedding venues or Fort Lauderdale event venues. Owned by the city it is a historic space described as a multi-purpose facility. Recently updated, it is part of the city's lovely Holiday Park area, and is available for everything from concerts and trade shows to smaller events.

The War Memorial Auditorium has more than 20k square feet of exhibition space and can seat more than two thousand guests in the main hall. It also has a large outdoor display area along with a stunning amount of easy parking. A fully accessible building, it dates to the 1950s where its crescent-shaped stage has often made it one of the most sought after Fort Lauderdale wedding venues. Though it has all that square footage, it is often this smaller area where parties and events occur.

Though it is one of the largest and most technologically advanced Fort Lauderdale event venues, the War Memorial Auditorium may not be ideal for all. If you have the need to accommodate several hundred guests, then it is one of those rare Fort Lauderdale wedding venues that will have more than adequate space and facilities. If, however, you are seeking Fort Lauderdale event venues for just a small crowd, this will be the wrong option.

Additionally, it will require self-catering as there are no facilities or services on the premises. There are many recommended vendors for everything from decorating and catering, though, and if you have your heart set on this grand and spacious area for your big event, it has been designed and updated to serve as the ideal location. In the heart of the city and easy to reach it is a perfect choice for corporate or professional events with a lot of attendees.

War Memorial Auditorium

War Memorial Auditorium
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