Cuban Campesino Catering Menu

Cuban cuisine is as diverse as the cultures that call the island of Cuba home. Our Cuban Campesino Catering Menu is a collection of our favorite dishes popular in Cuban culture. Our Cuban Campesino Catering menu will take you on a trip from Havana to el campo to Little Havana in Miami. This delicious Cuban food will make you want to serve yourself another plate so you can say "Que Rico!" again.

$35 per person plus staff & 20% service fee

160 Guest+ - $30 per person + staff & 18% service fee

320 Guest+ - $25 per person + staff & 15% service fee

480 Guest+ - $23 per person + staff & 12% service fee

640 Guest+ - $21 per person + staff & 9% service fee

Arroz con Pollo Campesino

  • Arroz con Pollo is the perfect all in one Cubal meal. Using juicy dark meat chicken, chorizo, rice, and vegetables simmered together in a paella pan cooked onsite.

Paleta de Lechon Asado

  • Cuban roast pork is the most delicious. Pork shoulder marinated and slow roasted in Sour Orange, Mojo, and Fresh Garlic giving it its distinct flavor.

Yuca con Mojo

  • A Cuban favorite, this traditional dish is made of tender Cassava Root topped with sauteed onions, a touch of Olive Oil and classic Cuban Mojo.

Platanito Maduro

  • Every Cuban Campesino loves these sweet and slowly baked ripe plantains with a touch of tropical spice.


  • Green Plantains that have been fried, smashed, and fried again on site until crisp and served with lime wedges.

Ensalada Campesina

  • Seasonal greens mixed with cucumber, cherry tomatoes, red pimento, olives and red onion with Cilantro Lime Vin on the side.

Cuban Bread

  • The smoothness of Pan Cubano can be found almost nowhere else but Miami, due to the Cuban exile community.

Suggested Pairing Recommendations

CH DE LA ROULERIE ANJOU BLANC - Bright, fruity, zesty, with mellow honey tones and is becoming something of a signature style for the country. Known more famously for its regal status in France’s Loire Valley, the grape is often called Steen in South Africa.

SPIER PINOTAGE VINTAGE - South Africa- Grown on South Africa's Coastal Region this Pinotage emphasizes elegance in its dark ruby color with aromas of roasted almonds, fresh cherries, hints of tobacco and a soft creamy palate. A perfect selection to pair with meat, poultry and roasted vegetables.

LAGUNITAS IPA - California - American India Pale Ale (IPA). This is Lagunitas' unique version of an ancient style. It is made with 43 different hops and 65 various malts. This IPA is full of flavor with notes of spice, roasted malts, caramel, and citrus fruit.

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