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Peruvian Hors d'oeuvres Menu

Hors d'oeuvres are priced per person- 1.5 units of each item is provided per person

Recommended quantity: 1 hour- 3-4 items, 2 hours- 7-8 items, 3 hours- 10-12 items

Filete de Res - $4

  • A modern-day Peruvian street food with an upscale twist. Rooted in the food culture of Coastal Peru, tender filet is marinated with Anticuchera sauce, seared on the skillet and served with Rocoto Chili paste

Papas a la Huancaina (wan-ka-ee-na) - $3

  • Our take on a traditional Peruvian starter. Light, fluffy potato topped with chopped eggs and olives. Served in cute little cups

Ceviche Clasico - $4

  • The quintessential dish that put Peruvian food on the map. Ceviche adored around the world and we take a tremendous amount of pride in ours. White Fish Ceviche shooters made with fresh squeezed lime juice

Pisco Sour Ceviche Mixto - $5

  • Next Level Ceviche mini cups made with Pisco Sour, equal parts fish, prawns, squid, octopus and scallops. A true MGC original that you will not soon forget

Causa de Pollo - $4

  • The potato was first domesticated by the people of Peru about 10,000 years ago so it is no wonder that they have mastered its use. Seasoned creamy potato layered with Peruvian chicken salad

Causa de Cangrejo - $5

  • Peru is a fishing nation and more than 200 varieties of crab can be found in the Lake Titicaca area which is the inspiration for this Causa. Mini potato cups with seasoned creamy potato layered with Peruvian style crab salad

Choclo co Queso - $3

  • From the arid Andes Mountains comes this unique corn dish. Chocolo or Cuzco Corn was named after the Capital of the Incan Empire and is the center of this dish. Tender Chocolo corn kernels with creamy queso fresco served in a mini bowl

Yuquita Frita - $2

  • Cassava was first cultivated by the Incas 1,400 years ago and grows in the balmy tropical rainforest. The inspiration for this Peruvian Highland version of French Fries served with Huancaina sauce

(V) designates vegetarian menu option

Peruvian Hors d'oeuvres Menu

Peruvian Menu
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