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Sing Sing Karaoke Miami Beach

717 Washington Ave in Miami Beach, FL between 7th and 8th Street

If scouting out an ideal Miami Beach event space or truly alternative Miami Beach wedding venue, you may want to consider the ultra-unique Sing Sing Karaoke in Miami Beach. Noted as the first and only club of its kind, it is a private room karaoke lounge that connects to a larger, open karaoke bar. Fourteen separate suites with top of the line services make this an unforgettable Miami Beach event space.

Described as a destination for those seeking something different, Sing Sing Karaoke provides guests with a variety of room rates. They are based on a per person rate, but VIP and Party Packages can make these rooms the ideal Miami Beach event space or even a fun option as a destination once you leave your more formal Miami Beach wedding venue.

Each room is equipped with a state of the art karaoke system and high quality sound system. You enjoy an enormous and regularly updated catalog of karaoke options and many are in other languages, including Russian, Spanish, Chinese and more. The party packages would make this a great choice for a wedding party to use after the wedding or even in the days leading up to the main event. You can choose from gold, silver, platinum or diamond party packages with top shelf drinks, several hours in the private suite and access to the bar afterward.

Sing Sing Karaoke may not be your ideal Miami Beach wedding venue, but as a special event space or pre-wedding party spot, it is the perfect choice. Fun and unique, it is also private and offers VIP services and options. It would provide you with a private little world in which to just kick back, have fun and enjoy an unforgettable special event, party or celebration that you are sure to enjoy

Sing Sing Karaoke

Sing Sing Karaoke
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