Skydeck Miami

605 Lincoln Rd, Miami Beach, FL 33139

If you are looking for a classy wedding venue in Miami, you will surely want to consider the SKYDECK Miami event space. A SKYDECK Miami wedding offers a unique event space and wedding venue that is difficult to beat. One thing it has over other wedding venues in Miami is that it is 8 floors up and outdoors. It’s all about the location and views, and you and your guests are going to love them here!

The SKYDECK Miami wedding venue is unique and it’s gorgeous. Located on the 8th floor, it’s a completely outdoor wedding venue on a rooftop event space. Imagine your guests mingling and enjoying their time at your SKYDECK Miami wedding, only to have a 360-degree view of the city. The SKYDECK Miami event space is known for the amazing views that are provided. Whether you are taking gorgeous pictures, admiring the evening display of twinkling lights, or you are excited about the great evening air, this event space is going to please you and your guests.

A SKYDECK Miami wedding will have a contemporary flair, complete with sleek furnishings. There is 3,700 square feet of space, giving you enough room to invite up to 250 guests to your SKYDECK Miami wedding, party, or special celebration. It’s truly an event space that is the gem of Miami. Whether you are using it as a wedding venue, as many people do, or you will be holding a special private party or even for corporate events, this event space is sure to please a crowd.

Catering SKYDECK Miami, you will want food options that are every bit as special as the venue is. While their event space can offer amazing views, we at Miami Grill Catering can match it by offering mouthwatering food that not only has a stunning presentation, but pleases the palate with every bite. We are pleased to offer catering for your SKYDECK Miami wedding, party, or special events.

Options you may want to keep in mind and consider for catering SKYDECK Miami include:

  • Themed buffets and food stations, including an Italian station, meat carving stations, and a vegetarian station.

  • Plated-style dinners that are elegant and unforgettable. We can provide full service options to meet your needs.

  • Cocktail parties where we can provide fabulous finger foods that your guests can enjoy as they mingle and take in city lights with the amazing views that the SKYDECK Miami wedding venue provides.

  • Foods made from the freshest ingredients, seasonal dishes, and unique meals that will meet the needs of all of your guests.

Catering SKYDECK Miami is something we are pleased to offer. We have earned a 5-star reputation for the amazing catering we offer throughout the Miami area. Our professional chefs can sauté, bake, grill, blacken, marinate, and season their way to an unforgettable meal for you and your SKYDECK Miami wedding and party guests!

SKYDECK Miami offers a unique event space and wedding venue with a view.
This venues in Miami Beach is 8 floors up and outdoors. It’s all about the location and the views, and you and your guests are going to love it here.

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