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Historic Hampton House

4240 NW 27th Avenue Miami, FL.33142

Deserving of its name, the Historic Hampton House is much more than a lovely South Florida event space or South Florida wedding venue. It is the beautifully restored "social center of the South" that stood as one of the most popular gathering spots for well-known African Americans in the 1950s and 60s. It is where such performers as Sam Cooke and Nat King Cole staged shows and where Martin Luther King, Jr. and the Congress of Racial Equality had meetings. Today, the Historic Hampton House has been brought back to its former beauty and serves as a museum, cultural and business center and South Florida event space.

If you are interested in it as your South Florida wedding venue, or as a South Florida event space, you will have access to the multipurpose room, which is a stylish and airy event venue, as well as the café area, the fountain and patio area and the main entrances.

Those who choose the Historic Hampton House as a South Florida wedding venue or event space will have a four-hour minimum rental required. The space comes with setup, clean up and furniture fees built into the costs. There are extended rates by the hour, and all rentals require security fees as well.

It is a 30k square foot property with gardens and grounds, and it has some impressive spaces that visitors may want to see during your event. There is more than enough parking in the area and catering, beverages, music and other elements of the event will all have to be arranged with outside providers. As one of the most fascinating historic properties, this would make an intriguing and appealing place for a major event or wedding, and its affordable price makes it a great option for all.

Historic Hampton House

Historic Hampton House
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