Park Wedding Venues in South Florida

Miami Dade County Parks

The Dade County park rentals make planning your next birthday parties, kids parties, outdoor wedding, corporate bbq, and company picnic a breeze by providing an approved vendor list of registered party vendors including catering needs. All and all, Miami Dade parks offer the best outdoor and indoor facilities in Dade County. Here is a list of our recommended Miami Dade Parks.

Broward County Parks

Broward County park rentals make catering your next birthday party, a kid’s party, an outdoor wedding, corporate bbq, or company picnic a simple process by providing an approved vendor list of registered party vendors including catering needs. All and all, Broward County parks offer the best indoor or outdoor facilities for your catered event. Here is a list of our recommended Broward Parks.

Wedding Venues in South Florida

Davie Wedding Venues & West Broward Venues for a Party or Event

The following Davie Wedding Venues rank highly on our page because they have character, charm, and an excellent staff whom are a pleasure to work with and take as much care as we do to ensure quality services for your event. We have professional working relationships and active lines of communications with each one of our recommended locations, which is very important in the coordination of your special day. Here is a list of our recommended Davie Venues.

Downtown Miami & Brickell Venues

There are some great downtown Miami venues to choose from, whether on the river, near the bay or among the skyscrapers. The downtown Miami venues range from cultural and historic icons to modern marvels. These event spaces really do represent the contrast of old and new that is Downtown Miami and Brickell. This central hub of culture and international destination is dense with popular for event spaces to host all sizes of weddings, baby showers, birthday parties, corporate parties and events, and more. Downtown Miami and Brickell Venues.

Fort Lauderdale Wedding Venues

Fort Lauderdale wedding venues include unique event spaces that will accommodate from small groups up to thousands of guests. These event spaces are sure to offer you many ways to be creative, unique, and make it a magical day. Each year, many people opt for a wedding venue, and event space for holding all sorts of parties, celebrations, and corporate events in Fort Lauderdale Wedding Venues.

Florida Keys Venues

Florida Keys wedding venues are popular among those who want to find the Wedding Venues for their event. Whether you want to have a beachfront wedding, an intimate corporate party, or you are planning a reunion party, you can’t go wrong with Florida Keys wedding venues. They offer something for everyone, and they will not disappoint. Here is a list of our recommended Florida Keys Venues.

Miami Beach Venues

There are so many event venues in Miami Beach that will accomadate all types of corporate events, provide for a beautiful wedding venue, and offer event space for all types of parties, celebrations, and gatherings. When it comes to the variety that can be found in Miami Beach wedding and event venues, there is something for everyone! Here is a list of our recommended Miami Beach Venues.

South Dade / Homestead Wedding Venues

Wedding Venue in Homestead and are perfect the venues for catering special occasions, corporate events and weddings. The natural beauty starts with attention to detail in the historic structures that takes you back to the roots of Florida. Located along the Krome avenue in the Redlands these locations are some of most serene and beautiful historic wedding venues in Homestead for your next wedding, corporate meeting, or special event. Here is a list of our recommended Homestead Wedding Venues.

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