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Estancia Culinaria Weddings

Estancia Culinaria is a family owned and operated wedding venue in Homestead with plenty of rustic charm and the beauty of nature intertwined. It features multiple hand-built structures with majestic views and relaxing landscapes. It is also known for its glorious sunsets, some of the best in all of Homestead.

The coral wedding chapel, with tainted glass windows that create a magnificent flow of light, provide the setting for a beautiful wedding ceremony and reception. The horse paddocks are great for unique photo ops with some of Estancia’s permanent residents, the horses. Another space to enjoy is the rooftop Sunset Terrace with vintage, hand-made furniture that allows for breathtaking views of the entire property in a relaxing setting. You can also simply find a comfortable seat in the shade of the grove provided by one of the many avocado trees.

Estancia’s inspiring landscape is filled with over 800 organic avocado trees, that give it its unique character. One of the wedding venue in Homestead's most interesting features is an authentic 1869 chuck wagon with all original detail, which can often be seen being driven by Santi, the patriarch of the family that owns this beautiful estate. There is another, more modern horse carriage that is driven for weddings and is usually where the bride and groom takes their first ride as beloved husband and wife.

Estancia Culinaria has quickly made a name for itself a top wedding catering venue due to its serene landscape, impeccable service and standards, and the unique touch of vintage elegance they’ve brought to the table. This is a wedding venue in Homestead that has to be experienced.

Estancia Culinaria is a majestic catering venue for unforgettable weddings and events in the heart of the Redland, located on a ten-acre organic avocado farm with more than 800 majestic trees. It is a calming refuge away from the hustle and bustle of Miami, graced by horse stables, hand built wooden period home and coral rock wedding chapel.

Estancia Culinaria

Estancia Culinaria
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