Wedding Venue in Homestead- Flora's Garden Venue

14950 SW 248th St, Homestead, FL 33032

Offering over one acre of pristinely cultivated gardens, Flora's Garden Venue is one of the loveliest Wedding Venue in Homestead and South Florida event spaces. Divided into North and South Gardens, it has space for 175 seated guests and can accommodate any sort of theme or event. Frequently noted for its fairy-tale like surroundings, it is also a popular choice for luxurious cocktail events, ceremonies and more.

Divided into two spaces, Flora's Garden Venue features the North Garden that is recommended for moonlight or sunset ceremonies and events. Tent events or receptions are ideally suited to the South Garden, though both can be used for a wedding or other sort of event - even fair or carnival themed events have taken place on the grounds.

As one of the more picturesque Wedding Venues in Homestead, it does not include any catering or other hired services. However, the owners do have lists of preferred vendors who they can recommend for any sort of event. Both gardens can be hired for ceremony only or reception only and there is adequate room for a mega tent in the South Garden and a more intimate ceremony setup in the North Garden space.

Flora's Garden Venue has plenty of parking for even maximum capacity crowds and the staff works with the customers to design the exact layouts desired. They do make pews available as well as a white-washed gazebo, and lanterns can be arranged for evening or late day events. If you are ready to find Wedding Venue in Homestead that are full of ambience and natural beauty, this is one to consider. Though only opened in 2016, it already has a reputation as a fantastic event venue.

Flora's Garden Venue

Flora's Garden Venue
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