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Galleria 220 Wynwood

2000 Nw 2nd Ave Miami, FL

Located right where the Wynwood Art District starts, Galleria 220 is a trendy event space that provides you with a lot of options. With a contemporary look and a lot of ways that you can customize the event space to match your theme or type of event, you will want to put Galleria 220 on your list to check out!

Offering some indoor space and outdoor space, there are a lot of things you can do with the event space at Galleria 220. Inside, there is a galleria, and it can accommodate 100 people. Most of the event space is outside, with the outdoor area at the Galleria 220 able to accommodate up to 400 guests. In all, the event space offers 5,000 square feet of space, and offers your guests valet parking.

Galleria 220 event space is ideal for private parties, corporate events, and for using an outdoor wedding venue. The event space has a lot of charm and provides a unique atmosphere where your guests can have fun. With this type of wedding venue or event space, you can make your party, celebration or Galleria 220 wedding as casual or elegant as you would like. You can also keep it intimate, with just a small group, or use all the space and invite up to 500 people to join in.

Catering Galleria 220, we can provide you with plenty of options to please your guests. Whether you are having a Galleria 220 wedding, party, or corporate events, we have food that everyone will love. From the meat and seafood lovers to the vegetarians, we have you covered. And if you have a taste for cultural favorites, such as Cuban, Mexican, Italian, or Brazilian, we can do that, too.

Miami Grill Catering offers an expansive menu that has many popular catering choices for your Galleria 220 wedding, parties, and corporate events. Choose from our great menu options, or let us know your special requests, and we will make it happen. We have a great reputation for serving up some of the best catering in Miami. We are affordable, reliable, create gorgeous displays, and always provide professional service. You can relax and enjoy the event, because we will expertly handle all of the catering! Some of the catering Galleria 220 options you may want to consider include:

  • A full barbecue. We bring everything to you, including mouthwatering baby back ribs, smoked brisket and chicken thighs, mac and cheese, cornbread, and corn on the cob.

  • Themed buffets, including having meat and seafood stations, surf and turf, or Hawaiian luau.

  • Plated-style dinners that can be elegant and delicious. We can serve up such dishes as bacon wrapped madures, Caprese skewers, mac and cheese fritters, churrasco skewers, lamb lollipops, and chicken satay.

Whether your Galleria 220 wedding, party, or corporate events will be small or large, we can handle every aspect of it. Our professional chefs will use their advanced culinary skills to grill, braise, season, carve, and broil their way to culinary perfection for you

Galleria 220 Wynwood

Galleria 220 Wynwood
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