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Les Createurs Wynwood

2200 NW 2nd Ave, Miami, FL 33127

Located in the heart of Wynwood, the Les Createurs Wynwood offers a unique event space that is perfect for a wide variety of events. You can comfortably use the Les Createurs Wynwood event space for private parties, as an intimate wedding venue, or for corporate events, such as a holiday or office party.

Les Createurs Wynwood event space is like a lounge or night club, but if you rent the space the party will be all yours. The 2,600-square foot building will accommodate up to 100 people standing, or 30 people sitting. This gives you the ability to have a cocktail party, where you can offer some fabulous finger foods or a themed buffet, or have an intimate group for a private party where you can have a more elegant plated-style dinner.

The event space at Les Createurs Wynwood is ideal for using it as a wedding venue, for a wide variety of private parties and celebrations, or for some types of corporate events. Whether you want to have an intimate wedding venue or you want to throw a birthday bash for your best friend, this place is going to give you exactly what you need. It’s also an affordable venue option in Miami, making it ideal for those who are on a budget, but still want to show their guests a great time.

Catering Les Createurs Wynwood, we can match the type of event you will be having with the food your guests will enjoy. Whether you pick and choose favorite dishes from our popular catering menu, or you have some suggestions of your own, we can help you put together the perfect menu for your Les Createurs Wynwood wedding, party, or corporate events. Just let us know what you want and we will make it happen.

Our professional chefs can handle every aspect of creating amazing culinary dishes for your Les Createurs Wynwood wedding, parties, or corporate events. They can make butterfly cut meats, create amazing fondue, whip together bolognaise your guests will love, and create a la carte menus that will please everyone on your list, from your meat eaters to the vegetarians. Whether you need brunch, breakfast, buffets, themed buffets, cocktail party food, or an elegant plated-style dinner, we have you covered.

Some of our more popular menu items to consider include cultural hors d’oeuvres, full BBQ catering, Hawaiian luau, surf and turf, and meat carving stations. We can make everything from bacon-wrapped lobster ravioli to duck spring rolls or create a seafood lover’s station. Our chefs have earned a 5-star reputation for their amazing culinary skills and provide some of the best catering in Miami.

Catering Les Createurs Wynwood, we at Miami Grill Catering provide professional service, always use the freshest ingredients, are affordable and reliable, and make your life easier by handling all aspects of catering and creating amazing food displays at the event. Let us show you why we are so popular in the Miami area!

Les Createurs Wynwood

Les Createurs Wynwood
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