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Panther Coffee

2390 NW 2nd Ave Miami, FL 33127

Located in the heart of Wynwood’s Design District, Panther Coffee offers a unique event space. A popular coffee house, Panther Coffee allows people to host private events there, giving you a great option to consider. This unique events venue in Miami offers a casual and fun place for people to host a variety of events.

The Panther Coffee events space offers both indoor and outdoor space. Outdoors, guests can sit at their large tables under the trees. Indoors, they are treated to the smell of fresh ground coffee and a unique and laid back atmosphere. The event space at Panther Coffee can accommodate 200 people standing, or 50 people sitting, and is available for a wide variety of events. The Panther Coffee event space in Miami is ideal for college events, corporate parties, office parties, birthday parties, group parties, and more.

Imagine your private event being held at the Panther Coffee events space, out on the courtyard, with plenty of great food. We at Miami Grill Catering can help you with the great food, ensuring that we will please your crowd. Whether you want light bites, delectable desserts, or you would like to have a brunch gathering, we have something to please every palate.

Catering Panther Coffee, we have plenty of great options for you to consider, including:

  • Finger foods. We can help feed your party crowd with light bites ranging from gator bites to mini fish tacos. We also have vegetarian finger foods to help make sure everyone on your guest list is happy.

  • Themed buffet. A themed buffet will work great for the Panther Coffee events space. We have many great themed buffet options on our catering menu, including a full Miami-style barbecue, Hawaiian luau, Brazilian grill, Mexican fiesta, and surf and turf.

  • Brunch. If you will be using the Panther Coffee events space earlier in the day, you may want to dazzle your guests with a fabulous catered brunch. Our options include an omelet station, shrimp and grits, fish ceviche, pesto and orzo salad, and more.

At Miami Grill Catering, our chefs are some of the best in the Miami catering scene. They have a well established reputation and have earned 5-star reviews from people who appreciate their amazing culinary skills, and our team’s wonderful customer service. Catering Panther Coffee, we would love to put our skills and experience to work to help make your corporate events, private parties, and celebrations a big hit.

Your Panther Coffee corporate events, private parties, and fun events will be even better when you team up with us at Miami Grill Catering. Panther Coffee provides a great event space, but we will make it even better with amazing food. Our chefs can use their skills to sauté, grill, julienne, toss, and marinate their way to creating great sauces, dishes, and desserts that you and your guests will rave about.

Panther Coffee

Panther Coffee
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