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Trinity Episcopal Cathedral

464 NE 16th St, Miami, FL 33132

If you have your heart set on a beautiful church wedding in Miami, you will want to check out the stunning one that is offered at Trinity Episcopal Cathedral Church. The Trinity Episcopal Cathedral Church offers an absolutely gorgeous wedding venue that is open to everyone, including from various other faiths and those looking for a wedding venue that welcomes same-sex marriage ceremonies.

The Trinity Episcopal Cathedral Church is centrally located in Miami in the Performing Arts District, it’s historical, and offers a lot of charm. The high ceilings, murals, and stained glass create an elegant atmosphere. A Trinity Episcopal Cathedral Church wedding offers plenty of event space, so you can make your big event as intimate or elaborate as you would like to. Your guests will be in awe as they walk up the steps to this big, beautiful historical building, and then enter to see how amazing it is on the inside.

A Trinity Episcopal Cathedral Church wedding offers the event space for a gorgeous traditional wedding. One look at the pictures of this place and it’s easy to see how the wedding venue became so popular in Miami. It’s easy to imagine yourself walking down the aisle, passing by pews that are filled with all of your favorite people. A wedding venue in Miami doesn’t get much better than that!

If you are planning a Trinity Episcopal Cathedral Church wedding, you will also need top-notch catering to match it. Just as the wedding venue was stunning for your guests, we can prepare awesome catering that helps make your day even more unforgettable. Catering Trinity Episcopal Cathedral Church, we can help you every step of the way. We can provide you with professional catering that is as casual or elegant as you are dreaming of.

At Miami Grill Catering, we have a 5-star reputation for serving up some of the best catering in the entire Miami area. We have earned that great reputation by being reliable, easy to work with, affordable, professional, and for preparing food that is delicious and satisfying. We also handle all everything, so you can enjoy your Trinity Episcopal Cathedral Church wedding, while we do the rest.

No matter what type of food you want to share with your guests, we have you covered. Whether it’s on our menu or not, our well-experienced chefs will please your crowd. From surf and turf to a Mexican fiesta to an upscale wedding barbecue, we have aromatic and flavorful food to please everyone.

Let our chefs at Miami Grill Catering use their advanced culinary skills to cater your Trinity Episcopal Cathedral Church wedding. They will start with the freshest ingredients, and grill, braise, broil, blacken, batter, carve, and caramelize, in order to bring out the best flavors that you and your guests will love!

Trinity Episcopal Cathedral

Trinity Episcopal Cathedral
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