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Located about 45 minutes southwest of Downtown Miami, Redlands is the perfect place to enjoy a slice of nature without venturing too far from the city's hustle and bustle. Whether you want a laid-back afternoon party along the Redland Trail, or you want Redlands' exotic plants to be the backdrop for your wedding, you need the perfect food. It is a truly unique spot that stands out among the rest of the city for it’s amazing agricultural and farming community. The natural beauty of Redland also makes it the perfect place to enjoy a barbecue. If you’re looking for a natural, rustic backdrop for your wedding, BBQ, picnic or corporate event, look no further than beautiful Redlands, FL.

Redland Fl Event & Wedding Venues

If looking for a tranquil “hideaway” style wedding or corporate event, where you want the feel of old world European charm and open-air ambiance, Redland is the perfect place. Some of the amazing venues, which you will find in Redland, are:

Estancia Culinaria, located in the heart of the Redland, is a 15 acre avocado grove that boasts a real 1849 horse-drawn carriage (that is often used for weddings), horse stables, a hand built chapel, solid wooden home hand built by master carpenter, and a scenic balcony that overlooks the entire property and beyond. Longan’s Place, located just minutes from US1, is a wonderful gem that is closer to the city but still in it’s own world with the Redland seclusion and charm. It is the perfect setting for a picturesque outdoor wedding with beautiful sunsets, beautiful lush landscaping and a tranquil waterfall. Redland Farm Life, located just off Krome Ave and 200th St., is home to one of the most exotic nurseries in Miami. Beautiful and exotic plants roam throughout this property. It is a winner for weddings and corporate events alike. Redland Koi Gardens, located near US1 and off 148th St., is a breathtaking property with Asian flair. This family owned venue features Longan trees imported from Thailand, Japanese koi ponds, paper lights, stone statues, and much much more. A very tranquil space awaits you. The Secret Gardens, located in the heart of Redlands in 248th St. were designed and created by a landscape artist who was inspired by South Florida's natural ecology. Natural coral rocks and tropical foialage were used to recapture the essence of a forgotten Florida past where a lush green eco-system thrived and natural lagoonsand waterfalls flowed in abundance.

Redland Fl Parks for Corporate Events

Redlands is known for peace and tranquility, but lots of fun activities can also be had. The parks in Redlands offer a mix of both.

Fruit & Spice Park, located in the heart of Redland off 187th Ave., features exotic fruits and spices native to the area, as well as native trees and plants. It is rich in history and a one of a kind place to host a wedding or corporate event. Camp Owaissa Bauer, centrally located in Redlands near Homestead, is the ideal place for group retreats, camps (athletic, band, spring, summer, winter) family reunions, school field trips, meetings, weddings and/or receptions, birthday parties, pool parties and more. Orchard Jungle, located just west of Krome Ave., is home to some of the most beautiful plant species South Florida has to offer. In addition, it is filled with beautiful trees and gazebos and many other details that make it an ideal wedding or corporate venue.

Catering Redlands

Catering Redlands
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