Miami Supercar Rooms

220 NW 27th St, Miami, FL 33127

Touted as the world's very first "Road Art" gallery, the Miami Supercar Room is a stunning 15k square foot venue with indoor and outdoor galleries containing some of the most coveted, valuable and famous vehicles in the world. It is one of those unusual Wynwood event spaces that can combine a luxury experience with food, drink and top quality hospitality.

You might want to plan on booking this space in conjunction with one of the upscale Wynwood wedding venues and hosting some sort of fabulous pre-wedding event in the smaller spaces. These can accommodate up to 50 guests at once, though there is a larger area for events with up to 200 seated guests. The smaller Miami Supercar Room venue features six "pods" that each house one of the luxurious vehicles and where gourmet dining for up to six guests at once. The larger "cocktail party" area includes a 40-foot custom bar area with several luxurious vehicles and additional pods, making this ideal for those in need of larger Wynwood event spaces or even unique Wynwood wedding venues.

The Miami Supercar Room has plenty of street parking, but those who book it for events or weddings may also want to book a valet, instead. Because this is one of those unique Wynwood event spaces with a pre-existing relationship with some of the city's best chefs (who line up to prepare special meals several times each month), you can find amazing outside catering working with the facility's staff. Beverages are in-house only.

Additionally, this is among the Wynwood wedding venues that allows afternoon and evening events only as it is a daytime destination for private members and some of the general public who are able to pay a visit and savor a drink or coffee while admiring some of the many fine cars on the premises.

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