Miami Police Benevolent Association

2300 NW 14th St, Miami, FL 33125

The Miami Police Benelovent Association event space has a 300 guest capacity

If you are looking for a unique and contemporary event space in Miami Dade, you should consider The Miami Police Benevolent Association. Located in Miami Dade, this event space is beautiful, open canvas, and even a bit high-tech. Your guests will love design and open spaces where they can dance and have fun. You can set it up to have furniture, chairs, a runway, or even a stage, depending on what type of event you will be having. This venue and event space even comes with plenty of parking spaces for all of your guests.

Great venue for weddings, corporate events, holiday events and parties

As a wedding venue, a MPBA wedding could be a fun place that matches your personality. It’s fun, sophisticated, stylish, and fashionable, giving you an event space where you can make a statement. With catering, we can help you with brunch, buffets, elegant plated dinners, or cocktail parties with fun finger foods. We can make it as laid back or as elegant as you’d like. Our professional chefs start with the finest ingredients, locally sources whenever possible, and they chop, slice, dice, and julienne their way toward an amazing catered meal that your guests will love. Plus, we handle all the setup, creating a beautiful array of food, so you can have a stress-free time! Contact us today at Miami Grill Catering, so we can help make your Miami Police Benevolent Assciation corporate events, birthday parties, and wedding venue a delicious time!

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