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Greece is home to the ancient civilization that brought us Mount Olympus, Architecture, and Philosophy. Their rich culture is also evident in Greek cuisine, as they have influenced the world's food culture since the times of Alexander the Great. The modern world still enjoys Greek food, as it is based on the "Mediterranean triad": wheat, olive oil, and wine.

$35 per person plus staff & 20% service fee

160 Guest+ - $30 per person + staff & 18% service fee

320 Guest+ - $25 per person + staff & 15% service fee

480 Guest+ - $23 per person + staff & 12% service fee

640 Guest+ - $21 per person + staff & 9% service fee

Chicken Souvlaki

  • Juicy chicken pieces, marinated for 48 hours in Greek olive oil, lemon juice, white wine, garlic, oregano, and smoked paprika, threaded on skewers with red peppers and sweet onions, grilled to perfection, and served with fresh parsley and lemon wedges.

Gyro Meat

  • Our Greek Gyro Meat is a crowd-pleaser. It is served alongside tangy tzatziki sauce, adding the right amount of creaminess to every bite. It is a flavor explosion that will leave your guests asking for more.

Cheese Pastitsio

  • Our Greek Cheese Pastitsio dish is a delectable blend of aromatic herbs and pasta, baked with creamy béchamel and a generous layer of cheese. This Greek comfort food's rich flavors will delight your taste buds.

Spanakorizo me Feta

  • A classic and wholesome Greek rice dish made with tender spinach leaves, tangy lemon juice, fragrant herbs, and crumbled feta cheese, drizzled with extra virgin Greek olive oil.

Roasted Vegetables

  • An array of roasted vegetables, cooked Greek-style, including char-grilled artichoke hearts, sweet carrots, crispy cauliflower, and earthy beets, served with creamy garlic and almond dip with a drizzle of homemade balsamic reduction.

Greek Salad

  • A bountiful salad straight from the fields of Demeter, the Greek goddess of the harvest, made with crisp Romaine lettuce, creamy feta cheese, tangy red onions, juicy cucumbers, plump tomatoes, and Kalamata olives, dressed with a side of traditional Greek vinaigrette.

Pita and Hummus

  • A rustic platter of warm pita bread and creamy hummus served with a duo of traditional and spicy red pepper dips, perfect for dipping, spreading, or scooping.

Suggested Pairing Recommendations

HERMES NEMEA- Greece, This Nemea appellation wine is produced entirely from the highly-acclaimed Agiorgitiko (St. George) grape which has bright cherry and boysenberry fruit, and is both fresh and dry. It is ripe, aromatic and easy-to-drink, with hints of oak and spices.

KOTROTSOS MOSCHOFILERO- Mantinia, Greece- made from the highly-acclaimed Moschofilero grape grown on the Mantinia Plateau (elevation 2,000 feet), this has a lovely nose of honeysuckle, rose petals, grapefruit and spice. It has mouthwatering, fruity, floral flavors with a lively acidity, gripping minerality.

WARSTEINER PREMIUM PILSENER- As it turns out, a good German Pilsner is the perfect beer to enjoy with Greek food. This is a slightly pale Pilsner with a clean, refreshing taste. Warsteiner is brewed with fresh Arnsberger Forest spring water sourced at the brewery in Warstein, Germany; a naturally soft water that helps to create the smooth taste and creamy head.

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