Hot Appetizer Catering in Miami

Whether you prefer classic favorites or innovative recipes, Miami Grill Catering has something to suit every palate

Miami Grill Catering specializes in providing a delightful experience with its sizzling hot appetizers. Whether you're hosting a corporate event, a wedding reception, or a private party, our hot appetizer catering services in Miami will leave your guests craving more. From mouthwatering mini sliders to delectable mushroom flatbread, our chefs curate each dish to ensure an explosion of flavors with every bite. Whether you prefer classic favorites or innovative twists on traditional recipes, Miami Grill Catering has something to suit every palate.

Our hot appetizer catering menu is expertly prepared and elegantly presented

One of the hallmarks of Miami Grill Catering is its commitment to using quality ingredients. From locally sourced produce to premium meats and seafood, we spare no effort in delivering an exceptional dining experience.

For an unforgettable hot appetizer catering experience in Miami, look no further than Miami Grill Catering

Our team works closely with you to design a tailored selection of hot appetizers that perfectly complements your event theme and vision. You can expect exceptional hot appetizers and professional service that exceeds expectations with Miami Grill Catering. Our trained staff ensures that every aspect of your appetizer catering experience runs smoothly. From setup to cleanup, they handle all the details, allowing you to relax and enjoy your event alongside your guests.

Frita Slider

  • Latin-inspired flavors deliver a smoky and spiced chorizo patty crowned with crispy shoestring potatoes, tangy sauteed onions, and a drizzle of zesty aioli, creating a harmonious fusion of flavors.

Cheeseburger Slider $4

  • A timeless classic. With each bite, the succulent patty sizzles with savory perfection while a symphony of melted cheese blankets the meat, melding with the tang of pickles resulting in burger bliss.

Pulled Pork Slider $3

  • Tender and succulent BBQ pulled pork, delicately infused with smoky undertones and a signature blend of spices, is nestled on a fluffy brioche bun and crowned with a tangy slaw.

Choripan Crostini $3

  • An irresistible fusion of Argentinean flavors, each bite transports diners to the sun-soaked streets of Buenos Aires, where the vibrant energy of Latin America meets the finesse of Mediterranean culinary tradition.

Bacon Wrapped Jalapeno $4

  • The smoky embrace of the bacon intertwines with the fiery kick of jalapeno, while the luscious apricot jam adds a tantalizing layer of fruity sweetness.

Bacon-Wrapped Stuffed Dates $5

  • The velvety sweetness of the dates dances harmoniously with the salty allure of bacon. At the same time, the creamy goat cheese filling provides a delicate surprise, resulting in a luxurious experience.

Bacon Wrapped Maduros $3

  • Bacon lovingly embraces the sweet and ripe plantains, while the tangy passionfruit glaze provides a burst of tropical brightness, creating a divine combination of savory and sweet.

Bacon Wrapped Shrimp $5

  • Succulent shrimp, nestled in a crispy bacon wrapping, meets the tangy allure of barbecue sauce, forming a symphony of smoky, savory, and slightly sweet flavors that captivate the senses.

Steak Skewers $5

  • Robust Churrasco steak is elevated by the vibrant notes of the chimichurri, transporting diners to the vast pampas of Argentina in a tantalizing celebration of culinary prowess.

Chicken Skewer $3

  • Pesto's herbaceous harmony elevates the chicken's natural juiciness, creating a culinary masterpiece that evokes the sun-soaked hills of Italy and leaves a lasting impression of Mediterranean elegance.

Lamb Skewers $5

  • Each tender bite reveals the juiciness of the lamb, expertly enhanced by the cooling and refreshing embrace of the mint chimichurri, inviting diners on a sensory journey.

Prosciutto and Fig Flatbread $4

  • A symphony of flavors, where the salty elegance of prosciutto intertwines with the luscious sweetness of figs, honey, and balsamic on a crispy canvas of grilled artisanal flatbread.

Margherita Flatbread $4

  • Showcases the essence of simplicity as the fragrant Basil, ripe tomatoes, and creamy fresh mozzarella harmonize atop a perfectly charred crust, offering a timeless celebration of Italian cuisine.

Mushroom Flatbread $4

  • Unveils a woodland medley where earthy mushrooms, caramelized onions, and truffle oil dance on a bed of melted cheese, delivering a captivating blend of rustic flavors and delicate textures.

Tequeños $3

  • The golden allure of this delicate pastry embraces the molten core of cheese, inviting a delightful play of textures and a celebration of Venezuelan culinary artistry.

Yuca Frita $3

  • Crispy and irresistible, it tempts with its golden exterior and tender interior, while vibrant cilantro aioli adds a refreshing herbal note, transforming this humble root vegetable into a culinary revelation.

Tostones Rellenos with Ropa Vieja $5

  • With its irresistible blend of crispy plantain cups, tender shreds of slow-cooked beef, and a symphony of Latin spices, this appetizer offers a savory journey to the heart of Cuban cuisine.

Tostones Rellenos with Enchilado de Camarones $5

  • A captivating fusion of textures and flavors as the golden tostones cradle succulent shrimp drenched in a fiery tomato-based sauce, transporting diners to the vibrant streets of the Caribbean.

Beef Empanadas $3

  • This triumph of handheld delights boasts a flaky crust that gives way to a savory filling of perfectly seasoned ground beef, inviting a delectable encounter with traditional Latin American flavors.

Chicken Empanadas $3

  • A golden exterior encasing a moist and flavorful chicken filling, where each bite reveals a harmonious blend of herbs, spices, and the comforting allure of homemade goodness.

Coconut Shrimp $4

  • Juicy shrimp bathed in a delicate coconut-infused batter, delivering an enchanting blend of tropical sweetness and seafood indulgence. Served with a Sweet and Spicey Glaze.

Mini Crab Cakes $5

  • This bite-sized delight offers irresistible flavors as tender lumps of crabmeat are bound together with a perfect balance of herbs and spices, creating a sublime culinary experience.

Marinara Meatball $3

  • Capture the essence of Italian comfort food, as the tender meatball, infused with herbs and spices, is nestled on a velvety ricotta and bathed in a rich marinara sauce.

Black Bean Meatballs $4

  • A vegetarian delight. Each bite reveals a medley of black beans, aromatic spices, and a hint of smokiness, offering a captivating version of a classic dish that celebrates plant-based ingenuity.
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