Everlasting at Dani's Paradise

18345 SW 256th St, Homestead, FL 33031

The owners make sure your celebration at Dani's Everlasting is perfect

Many venues dot the area, but only one boasts a tenderness and love for the customers that endures like the name it bears: Everlasting by Dani's Paradise. You can't help but love this place. It's beautiful, spacious, well-tended, and most of all, it exudes a love straight from the heart. The work put into it is evident, the labor and dedication that went into making "Dani's Paradise" a reality.

Personal attention is a hallmark of Dani's Everlasting Paradise. The owners go above and beyond to make sure your celebration is perfect in every way. The lush greenery, the waterfall, and the koi pond add to the charm, and the overall ambiance is ideal for any outdoor event. Dani's Paradise is a slice of heaven on earth that you will want to experience firsthand.

Dani's Everlasting Paradise routinely creates magical nights

A veritable paradise it truly is. The beauty of Dani's Everlasting Paradise is not the only thing that will catch your eye. The owners are kind and respectful people who treat people with respect.

Mayte and her team consistently outdo themselves, their decorating prowess an impressive feat that will leave no detail wanting. The love and care they pour into every aspect of their work are beyond words. The delightful family behind Dani's Everlasting Paradise routinely creates magical nights for their clients.

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