Seascape Resort & Marina

1275 76 St, Marathon, FL 33050

Seascape is a great venue for embarking on a grand escapade with loved ones

In the enchanting locale of Marathon, Florida, a haven of tranquility is known as Seascape Resort and Marina. Nestled in the illustrious "Heart of the Keys," this resort and private marina, complete with a dock and boat launch, beckons those seeking respite from the chaos of daily existence.
Situated on the eastern edge of 76th Street Ocean, Seascape Resort and Marina reside in splendid isolation, shielded from the raucous clamor of the bustling Overseas Highway. It stands proudly on a five-acre verdant tropical landscape, a sanctuary of serenity waiting to embrace its fortunate visitors. The resort's aesthetic captures the essence of the islands with its twelve exquisitely appointed rooms, each adorned in island-inspired decor. From intimate quarters designed for a solitary retreat to more spacious accommodations that can comfortably house up to six, Seascape offers a range of options to cater to every guest's desires.

Seascape promises an experience that will leave an indelible mark on the soul

But it is not only the interiors that beckon the weary traveler. The resort boasts a wealth of amenities that ensure a stay of ultimate relaxation and recreation. A sprawling, beautiful pool invites guests to immerse themselves in its azure waters, while nearby BBQ facilities offer a space for convivial gatherings and sizzling feasts. For those eager to explore the aquatic wonders surrounding them, kayaks and paddle boards are at their disposal, providing a gateway to the shimmering expanse of the Atlantic Ocean. And for the adventurers yearning to uncover the hidden treasures of Marathon, bicycles stand ready to whisk them away on thrilling expeditions. Fishing enthusiasts need not fret, for Seascape offers an assortment of fishing rods, inviting them to cast their lines into the abundant waters.

Embrace the opportunity to disconnect from the world's clamor and surrender to the tranquility that awaits

At Seascape Resort and Marina, the true essence of relaxation is a tangible presence. The soft caress of the ocean breeze, the gentle lapping of waves upon the shore, and the harmonious symphony of nature blend perfectly, enveloping the property in a cocoon of peace. Here, amidst the tropical splendor, one finds respite from the worries of the outside world and an opportunity to rejuvenate mind, body, and spirit.
Yet, Seascape is more than just a place of solace. It is a portal to an immersive experience, a gateway to the natural wonders of the Florida Keys. Within reach lie untold treasures, waiting to be discovered by the brave souls who dare to venture forth. From exhilarating water sports and thrilling deep-sea fishing expeditions to captivating encounters with marine life and the vibrant local culture, Seascape Resort and Marina is a launchpad for an adventure that transcends the bounds of the imagination.

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